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Eric Vanderburg

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Eric Vanderburg is the Vice President of Cybersecurity at TCDI where he and his cybersecurity team protect companies from cyber threats, investigate data breaches, and provide guidance on security governance and compliance. Vanderburg has an MBA from Kent State University and several undergraduate degrees. He has also obtained over 40 security and technology certifications.

Eric Vanderburg is a well-known author, blogger, and a thought leader. He is best known for his insight on cybersecurity, privacy, data protection, and storage and has published books on storage networking and cloud computing. Vanderburg is passionate about sharing cybersecurity and technology news, insights and best practices. He regularly presents on security topics and publishes insightful articles. You can find him throughout the day posting valuable and informative content on his social media channels.


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Bob Eisenberg - Program Director
Juan Carlos Abelairas - Program Consultant


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